10 August 2011

Kaiser Chiefs do you feel smug now???

Ok, my first ever blog was never intended to be angry, but watching the hoodlums tear apart some of our finest cities for the latest FILA shellsuit or L A Gear lace tie really angered up my sense of community (which until this time I never knew I even had).

The media made a bit of a boo boo calling these morons rioters in the first place. What are they rioting against? The waiting list for the Jeremy Kyle show a tad too long? Not enough parks to vandalise? Happy slapping finally got boring for you mugs?

                       You know, I swear I recognise one of th....Sanders, you evil grining bastard!

I'm not an avid Daily Mail reader but hell, I'm going to ask it anyway...where are the parents in all of this? While little Jonny cotton socks is supposedly volunteering at the local OAP care home or studying a cure for cancer with his bessie "Spudder", how come he comes in at One in the morning with a load of Diesel  Tshirts stuffed into his trackie bottoms?

I for one want the Police to start cracking some skulls, and i applaud all who have stood to protect their local neighbourhood from this rampaging dickwads. Listen up, you ain't impressing no-one...the decent tax paying folk of this country are angry, not frowning disappointingly angry, but-tear-your -head-off-for-smashing-up-M&S-where-the-hell-am-I-going-to-shop-now angry.

Nobodies in your corner. All the "we get a hard time cuz we are young"campaigning you see on TV when it seems the youth of today get an unfairly hard time...well that's gone to shit.

usually when violent mobs roam the streets looting and burning property to the ground, its pretty much the start of a massive collapse in society. Not this time. This has brought communities together in a way I've not seen before in this country. If any good can come of this, its that simple fact.


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