21 September 2011

Powder puff of disgruntlement

Most of you know where I work, indeed many of you toil away beside me so will know what I'm talking about when I ask what kind of sad, misguided moron thinks sending an envelope full of talcum powder to a company is going to solve anything?

Lets say you have an issue with the service you have received, is grinding the company to a halt going to get your issues sorted any quicker? Does the amount of time wasted by the emergency services away from possibly real life or death situations by your selfish and foolhardy actions keep you warm at night? Does the financial drain this puts on the local authority fuel your misplaced sense of bravado? I know going to work and occasionally fearing for my safety makes me a much more efficient and diligent worker, why I'll sort your issue out immediately now you have got my attention with your act of incredible testicular fortitude.

Muppet, the police will be at your door in no time, and your bill will be just as high when you finally get out of nick.


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