6 October 2011

I always wanted you to go into Space (man)

OK, so it seems the smartest man of the 20th century may have gotten it wrong. Don't fret it Al we all have the occasional bad day at the office, but what does this mean to the non white coat wearing masses?

Well, although when I proposed my theory orginally it was taken somewhat at face value. I will try and explain a little more than my canteen dwelling chums were willing to let.

The realisation that the speed of light is not by any means the speed limit of the universe opens up debate on the possibility of deep space exploration, inter dimensional and even time travel. Where once Einsteins theory stood shaking its headand wagging its finger in a stern "NO" motion, there remains only questions without any firm answers. The rules as we know it have crumbled and I believe we stand at the dawn of an exciting new age of discovery and enlightenment. And Aliens.

Yes I said it, and I shall elaborate further before you start thinking of me as the next David Ike. The most common argument against alien visitation to Earth before was based on the concept that nothing could travel faster than light, that the distance travelled by any alien race would be so insurmountable that it would not be possible in any given lifetime. If they existed, they were just to damn far away to pop by and say hello.

Well now the speed limit has become an unknown, technologies possessing speeds that make light speed look like Windows 98 trying to run two spreadsheets simultaneously could very well exist somewhere out there in the deep cosmos.

And what of mankind? Well, when Karl Benz invented the first car back in 1886, he didn't look at the London to Glasgow run and decide that 4.1 days was a respectable travelling time. No, he and many others strived to find ways to travel faster and faster. We are still at it today as car manufacturers try and out run the Bugatti Veyron with their latest creations.

This is precisely what will happen regarding this latest discovery. How? I know not, but what I do know is that the very essence of man demands looking for new ways of making shit blow up,fly higher or go faster. And its all in the name of getting laid.

God bless mankind.

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  1. You could have just said "The realisation that the speed of light is not by any means the speed limit of the universe... because UFO's."
    Honestly, we would have understood.