22 December 2011

A (Far) cry for help!

My name is Dan and I'm a Steam-a-holic. Its been 17 hours and 23 minutes since my last purchase. (Stalker: Clear sky - well, i figured I needed the complete set and at £1.99 its a steal right?)

They say its gets easier after you stand up and admit you have a problem. I guess time will tell.

The thing is Steam are running a mammoth Christmas sale where everything is discounted, all 1409 games. I'm a video game junkie, and Steam is the pusher of digital heroin I cannot say no to.

I talk about Steam to my friends willing them into trying it, inevitably get hooked and become a desperate hoarder of virtual entertainment like I have become. I think about Steam constantly, counting the hours to the next 24 hour daily discounts waiting for my next fix. I talk about Steam to myself, persuading my guilty conscience that Lego Batman was a sensible investment as I'm bound to need to play a game based on a comic hero and plastic bricks at some point of my life, right?

Clearly I need some sort of help, and so as this festive season moves into full swing if any of you reading this feel touched enough by my plight to wish to land a helping hand, send me your contact details and I will pass you my pay pal information. Now whilst pay pal is my preferred method of payment for Steam, rest assured that your act of giving in my hour of need will be strength enough for me to (hurricane) kick this most intoxicating of habits. Possibly.

Merry Christmas.

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