12 January 2012


Advances in technology have made global communication an almost instant affair. I can text, email, Skype or facetime anyone in my contacts list. I can also IM anyone who has accepted my friends request on facebook.

Does it make it easier to talk? Does it make it easier to feel you belong? A computer monitor or smartphone screen will never be an adequate replacement to eye contact. Indeed body language speaks more clearly than any email or video call ever will. We take over 80% of information garnered from a conversation from body language alone.

As for a sense of belonging, a shared view or opinion will go so far as to reassure your place as part of the online masses. Sometimes though, all these potential avenues for communication and expansive friends lists can make one feel all the more isolated. Its almost as though there is a whirlwind of chatter and social interaction available at the touch of a button, but you are in the eye of the storm where the silence is deafening, patiently awaiting a lull at which to reach out and enter the maelstrom of status updates/ private messages and virtual Mingling once more.

Or maybe thats just me.


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