19 January 2012

SOPA - beginning of the splinternet?

I don't contribute to wikipedia. I don't write FAQs and i don't post footage of my unrivalled gaming prowess on YOUTUBE, but god help you if you take away my right to do all of the above dammit.

SOPA could potentially put an end to all of that. Want to write a scene by scene analysis of Jim Careys latest ill advised foray into meaningful acting? You d better get expressed written consent from James himself or face a potential lawsuit and the site you posted it on removed from the internet. Yep, If SOPA gets the a-ok from congress then yes, it will seriously dent the piracy practices that have plagued the internet, but it will seriously infringe on the basic rights regarding freedom of speech and expression of opinions online.

Oh, and piracy existed way before the internet beeped its way into existance (knock off VHS tapes from Wass' market anyone?) so the only thing its gonna lead to is a fractured, censored internet for the masses, all in the name of a few quid for hollywood types.

Say no to SOPA!

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