1 January 2012

You've been streamed!

Happy new year readers!

Welcome to the first of a (semi) regular series of posts featuring the best vids I ve (and indeed you the reader - more on that later ) come across on Noob-Toob. Yes. I realise its hardly the most ground-breaking of concepts, but the way I figure it is if that skinny jeans wearing tosser on channel 4 can do it then so can I!

Todays common theme is Street fighter 2. (Oh year i forgot to mention there will be connection between all the vids, the fun comes from spotting why...oh joy...)

Up first is one of my favourite vids of last year. All bullies should be dealt this way. Period.


Next up is one Jen found yesterday, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Oh and if you can spot the SF2 connection in this vid you are almost as 'core as I am.

If this happend to your own children it wouldnt' be half as funny

Lastly, you have to hand it to this guy, probably because he 'd just take it from you with a flying elbow if you didn't...

The car scrappage scheme in japan was a little more labour intensive than here in the uk...

Thats it for this entry, feel free to recommend some vids to be featured (keep em clean sogz)


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