27 March 2012

Part 2 - These things that I have done...

In my younger and more formative years I was not so much the straight edged and honourable type that I am today. For sometimes the Devil would perch upon my shoulder and his tantalising suggestions would to some degree sometimes be acted upon.

My latest plea for absolution concerns a young devout Catholic girl I knew a number of years ago ( the males reading this may have an idea of where this story is going already). No names will be used in this confession.

I had seen her around the office numerous times, she was well spoken, polite and highly thought of by her colleagues. She also came from a strict religious background which taught from the book of "no shenanigans" before marriage.

My interest immediately heightened.

After finding out her name and her very much single status I began to pursue her in the hope of well, lets just say abandoning her celibacy for days and nights of untold carnal passion. Oh, and I was to inform my friends daily of any progress as they believed this flower of virtue would resist all my efforts and remain pure and untainted.

Without revealing my tried and tested courtship techniques, we were heading in the general direction if forbidden lust, she knew, i knew it and all my workmates knew it (once again I must state how deeply I regret this behaviour). At times I was painfully close, yet she would always retreat behind a smile and drive off into the night still on heavens guest list.

Then one night, she turned up on
My doorstep in tears, like some kind of under-sexed shark I saw this was my chance. The lights got dipped, soft music played and cheap wine flowed. We talked, she cried, I cried (probably) as I talked her into getting back with her ex. She promptly did andThey were very happy.

Me, well i had failed in my venture, and to be honest I think I did the right thing in the end.

However my initial efforts to defile her based on the fact she was pretty much unattainable is where my present guilt is based.

For this I ask forgiveness...

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