2 April 2012

Ruffling feathers 24/7

People that know me think I'm odd. Not in the dressing like your mum whilst doing the weekly shop odd, just a little puzzleing.

You see I seem to have a severe dislike of what the majority find popular, be it film, TV, video games and to a lesser extent now music.

At first I put this down to my Dj heritage. Back then I strived hard to remain hip and underground. The moment "Tocas Miracle" was 'gifted' a vocal was the moment my vinyl 12" went through the window to join the great commercial pap cemetery behind our house.

This worrying trend however has continued well after I hung up my headphones for good.

Allow me to give you a few examples to illustrate my worries:

Take "Star Wars" for instance, the beloved Sci-Fi soap opera of many a generation. Described as epic, innovative and imaginary and held dear to the heart of many nerdy types the world over. To me its a shallow, appallingly scripted, laughably acted stereotypically filled ego wankfest for George Lucas to rehash and resell to the tune of millions of dollars. Skywalker is the wettest hero to ever wave a torch around whilst westing a dressing gown. Every nerd worth his weight in braces awaited the conclusion to the complex fall of its uber villain into the dark side, and how does Senior Lucas mark this profound moment of cinematic history when all is lost and evil taketh his soul once and for all?



What about "Avatar"? The greatest movie ever made? Nope, its "danced with Wolves" with blue Indians and added tree hugging.

"Lord of the Rings"? Has its head so far ip its own ass it can t see the plot for the gay hobbits. I ve never been so bored and I was a Stoke City season ticket holder...

Unfortunately this extends even further into my love of video games. I find "Mario" games a repetitive exercise in anger management, "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time" beyond uninteresting and "Half life" a half baked, half plotted waste of hard drive. A hero named "Gordon Freeman"? Why not go the whole hog and do a Lucas calling him "Max Annihilation". Or something.

You see now I fear this is in my DNA, and that its part of who I am. I was never popular at school, college or Saint Johns Ambulance (I know, shocking but its true) so maybe My disdain for anything popular is based on my jealousy of not being en vogue myself. Maybe if I can accept that being seen as popular isn't a reason to immediately point out all the story inconsistencies, plot holes and general triteness of it all.

Nah, its shit. Definitely shit.

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  1. I don't think you're odd dude, maybe that's because I'm odd though ? :-/

    Are you sure youi don't just hate everything?