19 May 2012

Wedding jitters

Its May 19th, our Wedding date is August 5th and the nerves are setting in rather early if you ask me.

I ve had a turbulent build up in that I have experienced the full range of human emotions leading up to the big day. It started with denial, then there was fear. Following that was reluctant acceptance, a little more fear and then finally joy as I begin looking forward to it...in a butt clenching kind if way.

Now its not that I don't love my fiancé, shes the world and more to me, its just that being the centre if attention isn't really something I enjoy. I hope that the supporting cast will play its part and help us both to enjoy the day to its fullest.

The organisation of the day has been mostly undertaken by Jenni, for this I am truly grateful as I know my feeble brain would implode trying to undertake the task.

So, here I am, x amount of days till the event and the dreams of me being late, caught up in car crashes and other delights my subconscious has cooked up for me has begun. Yes its down to nerves, but I know I will be there by her side on the day come hell or high-water. Or crap drivers.


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