1 June 2012

Boldy going where no man has gone before...

If a man (or woman) had sex with an alien, would it be considered cheating?

Never let it be said I don't tackle the big questions head on.

My fiance says it would but I disagree.

Firstly, being very much alien means not of this world, or more importantly not of this species. My argument is that shagging an alien would be much like shagging a camel. Neither of you are the same species, neither of you are looking for commitment or have any emotion invested in the act and neither of you are going to get laid again anytime soon after this sorry affair.

Which brings me onto this next point. There is no guarantee the aliens in question have any form of capacity for emotion. Without that there is no love, hate anger or lust. The act of pro-creation, to them may be about as relevant as a handshake or a friendly pat on the shoulder is to us.

There is also no guarantee that when the space faring  nymphosfinally  introduce themselves, that they have any physical means of getting down and dirty with us human folk.

However let it be known that I intend to be the first man to have sex with an alien.

Its not cheating, hell I'd be doing my part for intergalatic relations. I'd be sort of ambassador stud and no doubt hero to net nerds everywhere!

Kirk would be proud.

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