11 July 2012

Pixeljunk 4am - Criticus

I am blessed with superhuman powers. The real deal. However far from having an innate ability to heal myself, fly or read minds I can save you, the people, hard earned cash. I am able to harness my ultra critical eye, cut through the crap and tell you whats worth your time, be it games, books or film.

First up: PixelJunk 4am

Its friday night and I've just fired up pixeljunks latest offering via the psn store. I ve been playing a mere 5 minutes and I have an audience of 58 already. Suddenly the pressure is on to deliver an audio delight.

Best described as a virtual sequencer, you take pre recorded loops using your move controller and through muting/un muting and use of fx arrange your composition in real time. Oh and anybody worldwide can log on and listen live.

Its not quite a complete music creation kit but for a shade under £7 you cant really complain - but a few more loops would be nice (hopefully via a free update).

Its not a game, but the rush you get when you see your audience count rise and see their positive reactions to you efforts (via real time feedback bars) is hard to beat. It wont make you the next Moby, but it'll make you waggle your move more than most motion inspired efforts.

Buy it.

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