17 August 2012

Criticus - The Dark Knight Rises

As a self committed Bat-fan I figure the die hards are the hardest to impress. After the sensational portrayal of @the Joker" by the late Heath Ledger and a masterful set up for the third and final film of Nolans reboot the expectation for the last Bale outing as the Batman was high.

Well, it doesn't disappoint. Dwarfing the previous two movies in terms of scale and grandiose performances Bale plays a more real, sombre gritty Batman than before who relys not on gadgets and sleuthing but in sheer willpower and rage.

Perennial housewives favourite Tom Hardy cuts an imposing figure as Bane, and stands as a more physically imposing villain than we have seen previously (as in the comics), though a change to his mask and an odd voice do detract slightly from what is arguably the most Evil of foes Batman has yet faced on the big screen.

As for Selina Scott, well nolan never refers to her as "the catwoman" (though there are a few not so subtle hints) she was always going to be a tough character to pull off given her complicated relationship with Batman/Bruce Wayne and almost becomes a stereo typical partner and no more than that.

Oldman plays a weary Commissioner struggling to uphold the ideals the city of Gotham seems to of misplaced since the last film. Indeed Gotham is almost another character itself as it is tortured,beaten and bent by Banes insidious will, its citizens lost amongst the carnage looking for a light to follow.

Nolan's trilogy will rank amongst the best ever made. The message set out in the first is carried through to the credits of the last...even in the darkest hour there is hope.

I pity the director who takes up the reins on the next Bat Project as Nolan's vision of an ordinary man driven to extraordinary feats will be nigh on impossible to match.

An excellent film, highly recommended.

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