22 August 2012

Danny 'Doc' Challinor - Magic Man

Danny has been a friend of the family for a number of years now. Professional, humorous, entertaining, these are all words I would not use to describe 'Docs' store bought interpretation of the school of magic.

Pictured: Dans entire routine.

Of course I kid! The guys close up magic is the stuff of witch-craft, every time I see a new trick of his I'm left scratching my head and reaching for the crucifix.

                                                             Looking sort of like this...

He performed for us at our wedding as a gift, and every single person who had the pleasure of witnessing one of his many tricks ended up seriously impressed and wanted to see more. He made himself constantly available, performed for both impatient children and beered up adults alike. He became a major talking point and will be a fondly remembered part of our day with many of the guests

I know he has put many hours into perfecting his art, if any guy deserves to make it big as a professional magician its Dan, and I'm sure all his dedication and passion for the craft will pay off. He's a genuine, nice funny guy and in my opinion his card abilities are easily on par with a certain magician who has his own TV show on watch.

If Dan ever wants an official fan-club, bagsy club president right here!

Here's a link to his site, he aims to list all his upcoming gigs so you can catch him live or book him for a private function!


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