4 August 2012

Journal of a pre wed man

The day before:


Awake feeling the warm sticky embrace of a rampant head cold. Throat feels like its full of gravel but may be because bride-to-be was sleep strangling. Again.

Flower girl has been awake on and off since about 2am. Stress levels in the pre marital home are climbing steadily...

No sign of breakfast. Hope this is not a indication of things to come...


Mcdonalds breakfast demolished, truly epic start to the day!

Last minute table plan alterations sent and resent to the venue. Speech notes checked.

Flower girl engrossed in cbeebies.

So far so Disco


Call from suit hire place to remind me the suits need collecting. Inform him I am well aware of this and my father and father in law are on route. This back and fourth continues for several minutes. I hang up doubting my grasp of the English language and my ability to speak out loud.

Flower girl continues her cartoon watching marathon


Steve informs me shirts are not pressed and I misheard the suit geezer. Mild panic sets in as I cannot iron.

Flower girl is playing cars on her mat.


Flower girl has fallen asleep and is snoring loudly.

Bride-to-be has gone for a spray tab.

I'm sat enjoying the quiet.


Sat alone in my hotel room. Pleasant enough but I didn't realise people still watched large box shaped tvs...

The room set up went fairly well. Everyone chipped in and Bethany enjoyed exploring her new playground.

I guess this is the moment of realisation. Nothing speaks louder than the four walls of a lonely hotel room. I already miss the hectic noisy existence that is life with a 2 year old. The next time I see Jenni and my beautiful baby girl they will be walking down the aisle to me.

I am a lucky man to be blessed this way and tomorrow my family becomes officially united.I hope I do not let them or anyone else down tomorrow after all the hard work that has gone into making our marriage a reality.

I'll sign off now a single lad, and see you all soon as a married man.

I love you Jennifer no-middle-name Green x

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