12 August 2012

Marriage- One week on...

God bless the British sense if formality, as even though Jen and I have lived together over five years the question we have heard most this week is:

"so hows married life?".

Well, after recovering from an amazing day, life settled quickly back into routine. Toddlers returned to behaving like toddlers with all the stresses they bring. The days until payday began to be steadily counted down and a list of chores as long as your arm suddenly became the focus of attention rather than buttonholes and seating plans.

I always said to people don't get married, its such a hassle but my opinion has changed dramatically. Yes, its a huge pain in the ass to organise and no you cant please everyone...even with four deserts. However as an experience shared as a couple there is nothing to rival it.

One week on, For Jen it means a lot of paperwork. I would describe marriage as like the colour beige. At first its fresh and makes everything feel new, but it soon fades into the background and becomes the comforting canvas onto which you paint the rest of your lives.

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