7 October 2012

'Best in the World!' - Wrestle-roundup

Yes folks, I've decided to bite the bullet and write an occasional blog on the wonderful world of professional wrestling. Now i'm no expert on the subject, but I do know my Figure Four from my Boston crab. I'll discuss matches and wrestlers past and present and pass you my unifomred opinion on all things ring related along the way.

Seconds out...

First up, 'Hell in a Cell' is approaching fast and judgeing by recent events on 'RAW' I suspect the hierarcy are not sure wether Cena will be fit for his headline match with C M Punk. Cena underwent recent shoulder surgery to remove chipped bone fragmants, and judgeing by the appearances of Ryback in the last few episodes, a change of opponent for Punk may be on the cards. Granted a Ryback/Punk outing doesn't have quite the pull of the original card but a match beats no match.

Speaking of Punk, in my opinion he really has become one of the best mic-men in the business. Sure, 'The Rock' is far more quoteable but the psychology and delivery of Punks weekly vocal sparring matches are second to non. Paul Heyman egging him on only seals the deal!

I can only see Punk retaining the belt regardless of his opponent as his reign as WWE champ has been a resounding success. Whether the 'respect me' angle will remain I'm not so sure about. Where can that go If he does indeed defeat Cena in the cell? It will be interesting to see.


Meanwhile over on Smackdown, the hype for their main event at the next PPV builds albeit at a much steadier pace. Sheamus acting the clown only goes so far before straying into annoyance, and the Big Show s mic work has never really been his strong point. Neither is his ring work either come to think of it. I think in this case though Sheamus will drop the belt, its about time the hulking seven footer held the title for a respectable amount of time after all he has given the business.


Tag-team wise although Kane and Daniel Bryans disfuctional partnership has been pretty funny to watch, its obviously a ploy to ignite some interest in a division that is pretty devoid of real characters at this moment in time. I predict that whoever wins the ongoing Tag tournament will ultimately take the belts from Kane/Bryan who will return to singles competition. I for one will miss their "I'm the tag team champions" arguments.


As for the divas, Intercontinental and US belts, frankly who gives a stuff at this time!

Classic Contenders

'The Million Dollar Man' - Ted Dibiase

A classic heel who believed money could buy you everything, and even bought his own title belt.

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