29 October 2012

"Clattenburg called me a Cracker!"

Firstly, of course he didn't. And if he did it wouldn't really bother me. The way I see it, it doesn't matter what your skin colour or which God you worship, if you are an asshole you are an asshole.

It was only a matter of time before a referee got pulled up and accused of being 'a racist'. We ve had players at it, fans at it, officials of the game were bound to be next on the agenda.

So is Mr Clattenburg a newly ousted racist? Doubtful. The Ignorance displayed en mass by the serbian "fans" at the recent U21 games was a far cry from what the Chelsea players in question may of 'interpreted' the refs comments to mean. On the one hand you have a het up socially ignorant crowd baying for blood, the other a lone man trying to calm and officiate a passionate game of football amongst all kinds of foul language and attempted cheating.

The key word in all of this is 'interpreted'. Once you throw someones perception into the mix and try to apply order to it you are on the road to failure. What offends me for instance may not offend you. In that case what right do I have to claim any sort of damages or recompense? Whats ok for one cannot be ruled as not ok for another in terms of law and order. It either is or it isn't punishable across the board. Interpretation leads to too many grey areas.

In my humble opinion if something offends you, well you can either look at yourself and come to terms with the hows and whys (which takes far more effort than crying Wolf) or do what they did fifteen years or so ago and forget about it and get on with your lives.

The media is blowing this up out of proportion to sell papers and ad space, and we as ever increasingly pussy whipped members of the nanny state lap it up,acting all shocked and appalled whilst tutting over our 'Costa Coffee' and wondering what has become of our national sport.

I fear we lose the right to free speech more and more each day. As a Democracy it is our right as citizens to be able to express our beliefs and opinions freely, the measure of a healthy society is how we express these opinions and how we react to them, not by leaving in fear of them in the first place.

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