24 November 2012

An angry angry rant...

Fuck all this TOWIE bollucks.
Made in Chelsea? Do one back down South.
Who wants to sit in a juice bar talking hair products and tan lines?
Is that what we have become?
Are our aspirations now that perverted by capitalism that you live for the label?
Are you really only your first impression?

Fuck all that.

Anyone that judges me on first impressions can take a walk.

What happened to personality? To depth of character? Do we dispose these dickholes or idolise them?
Pretending the most important thing in life is image makes shutting out all the dark, nasty shit in this world a hell of a lot easier.

Maybe ignorance is bliss after all?

I would hate to see western society become a slave to the wage, sheparded from one expensive must have to the next...but we are already there, and I worry for future generations.

We need the trendsetters but we need the people that say no. The pioneers that say fuck all that shit and forge their own paths.

To any that will try, even if you fail you have my respect, and the respect of others who are sick of the "store bought" design for life that seems to be steadily becoming the norm.

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