8 November 2012

Are you made of metal?

Metal and I should not mix.

The soundtrack to my formative years consisted of mainly underground dance music. Pete Tongs weekly 'Essential Selection' became exactly that. The early days of my dj "career" were spent studying his playlists and keeping an ear out for hot up and comers. Underworld, The Orb and Leftfield were the groups I related to musically the most.

If you were to peruse my Ipod playlist these days you'll find the majority of my five star tracks are from artists such as Marilyn Manson, Rage against the Machine and Rob Zombie.

So why the dramatic change in taste?

Dance music represented a future where anything was possible, at least to these ears. A world that embraced technology and forward thinking bringing people together "under one groove". As I got older and saw my hopes and dreams crushed under the Jackboots of bureaucracy and tedium the frantic power-cords and ravaged vocals began to strike more of a tune with me.

Metal is all about telling the man and his bitches to go fuck themselves...and I can certainly relate to that a lot more than I used to.

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