6 December 2012

A squishy end

I've just finished an enjoyable little Vita game (free courtesy of Sonys' PS Plus service) called "Tales from Space: When Mutants attack".

You begin the games as a tiny green blob who is pretty ticked off watching Humans experiment on his friends daily with a variety of pointy implements.

Across the 24 levels you slop, jump and absorb objects smaller than yourself to add to your mass, which in turn allows you absorb bigger objects and access more of the level.

By the end of the game you will of digested hundreds of civilians, portions of the US army, entire cities, the earths centre, the earth, the solar system and the sun itself.

We can learn to important lessons from this budget priced piece of software:

• Given the chance, a Space Mutant will absorb you and all you care about

• Though seemingly unstoppable by conventional means, series of precarious hung platforms, rotating laser beams and rows upon rows of sharpened spikes will hinder its attempt at Solarside.


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