21 December 2012

Immortal Kombat

It was the 90's. Hair and undercuts were all the rage, Fantasy world et al the places to be and the puffa jacket (black with orange lining) were just about still in.

For sure 'Street Fighter' had the serious combo competitive crowd hooked with tweaked release upon tweaked release, but I have many a fond memory of 'Mortal Kombat 2'.

Better graphics, more gruesome fatalities, friendships, animalities, babalilities (yes they invented a words too) and a huge roster of largely similar characters blew the teenage console crowd away.

The original, with its migraine inducing visuals and Kreaky Kombat looked positively archaic in comparison. The game courted controversy like Jordan courts fake tan, and we lapped it up.

It didnt matter the combos were limited, or that many of the cast were just alternate avatars with identikit movesets I wanted to see Kung Lao cut a guy in half with his hat, and give Baraka a birthday cake.

I never owned the game myself, my friends dad was getting divorced at the time of release and brought it his sons (to paper over the heartache of the situation) and we spent many an evening in Two player combat not discussing our mothers.

Good times.

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