17 December 2012

Not wrist ache...more like writers block

I've posted a lot of random rants and non-sensical opinions in the past, but I have also posted the skeletons of potential short stories/novels. I tend to add these to on line writing sites, spend the next few hours clicking refresh every six seconds or so until the soul crushing reality that no-body is ever going to find my contemporary take on office romance or wannabe boy bands, let alone read or rate them hits.

From time to time I will go back and check on these sites just in case someone has messaged me a massive book deal (or explicit fan mail). Neither has yet transpired.

However what little feedback I have had is indeed positive. For one, my sense of humour seems to be hitting home with readers, as are the ideas behind several of my stories.

So why am I not cracking on to finish these potential bargain bin efforts?

I'm out of juice. My creativity is slowly suffocating in a sea of chores, parenthood and heavy prescription medication.

                                                       Dramatisation for purpose of article only

So I ask you, the audience for any kind of help or advice to get me back on track, or to get me down the dole office, whichever is more feasible.

Thanking you!

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