27 February 2013

The rightful path?

From the benefit of age comes wisdom, and wisdom is the conclusion of that ugly term hindsight.

Decisions made after much pondering or the toss of a coin send ripples far out into the distant future with effects no person can ever truly predict with any degree of certainty.

All of us at some point have worked backwards through our lives to pin point missed opportunities or lament poor decision choices.

What is the correct path? How do we know if we choose wisely?

The truth is you won't ever know for sure. Life is not a video game where can reload segments and choose to follow a different route. Let your conscience be your guide, and if in doubt do it anyway...whatever it is.

We live once. We should strive to be the best we can be and have a positive effect on those we encounter in our travels through life. If you leave people behind smiling you have achieved as much as is humanly possible and should have no regrets. Regret is an emotion that sucks at the zest for life, making one hollow and bitter. Don't allow it to consume you for you will miss the joy and beauty if the world around you.

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