23 March 2013


The figure aboverepresents the number I was born out of the Seven billion plus who are alivetoday. Of all the people who have ever lived I came into the world at 78,957,355,349th.That’s a hell of a lot of people.

Our name thoughwe like to feel is unique to us is not. The serial number we are we are givenat birth however is.

Is it wrong to striveto be more than a number, to think outside of the pre-packed box societyattempts to package as life to us from our early years of exposure to Educationand Religion?

We like tobelieve we are born free, our choices are our own and that any path is possible.It takes a rare spirit to break from the conformity of the masses and forge hisown destiny regardless of other’s opinions. The artist creates because it is inhis/her soul, not for any monetary gain or claim at greatness. It is who theyare.
I would not call myself an artist. I still live andcreate well within the box, but oh how my spirit longs to kick off the shacklesof a mundane and leave the world and its false freedoms behind to truly unleashmy inner voice.

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