16 March 2013

Imitation = Ban

It came to my attention during another sedate family get-together that the do-gooders in their infinite wisdom are starting to ban those electric cigarette smoking aids from public places.

Now, these are aids designed as an alternative to patches and gum ideal for the smoker who cant quite kick the act of smoking. They give out zero toxins and are perfectly safe to use around children.

The reason for this ban I hear you cry? Well, because it looks like you are smoking when you use one and smoking is naughty naughty.

I'm almost inclined to purchase one myself and lord it around public buildings happily puffing away and correcting these idiots who are offended by my plastic ciggie in a loud and patronising voice. Sounds like a great new hobby I may of hit upon.

My main concern with all of this PC Health and Safety do gooder bollucks is where does it end? When do we as a people stand up and say " you know what, you are offended at my life choices...so what pal, fuck you and the horse you rode in on!"

What will be the next habit/consumer able the PC Police deem anti-social or morally degrading? All its gonna take is one more toddler to swallow a piece of 'Juicy Fruit' and that'll be the last of chewing gum. Maybe.

Free country my ass.

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