22 June 2013

Purchase your Horrified Press releases here and claim a free digital novel with every purchase!

This is THE place to purchase your paperback/Kindle/ebook versions of all the Horrified Press releases.

As you know a lot of my work will be upcoming on this imprint, and this will be the best place to purchase a copy should you wish to support and enjoy my offerings. Not only will I owe you a huge gratitude of thanks but so will the ever growing roster of hugely talented authors that have contributed to Horrified past and present.

As a thank you, each purchase you make via these links entitles you to a FREE ebook novel from Horrified press. For nowt! Gratis!

Just make sure you email your lulu order number to me at dweatherer21@gmail.com

The following are now available for your enjoyment:

The two links in bold below contain my short story "Once a Butchers Wife".

Tales of the Undead – Hell Whore vol 2'

Tales of the Undead – Hell Whore vol 2'

Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal’

‘Tales of the Undead – Suffer Eternal: volume II’

‘Tales of the Undead – Hell Whore’

When you purchase your Horrified Press titles from Lulu.com, e-mail me your Lulu.com order number and receive a FREE digital novel from Horrified Press’.

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